Best spots to bet on sports when in Las Vegas

Among the bright lights and inexpensive attractions that make up the Las Vegas strip are a slew of hidden treasures that combine to create a sports betting enthusiast’s dream come true. When it comes to sportsbooks, there are a lot of criteria that determine whether they are excellent or poor. The most noticeable of these variations is the number and size of televisions accessible, the number of lines offered on different sports, and the overall general atmosphere and enthusiasm of the place, among other things. Following that, we’ll go through our picks for the best sportsbooks to play at in Las Vegas.


The term “Worlds Largest Sportsbook” originates from the huge three-story video wall that dominates the space. This 78 million pixel panel is bright, clear, and visible even when you are not in the sportsbook itself. Circa may set the screen to display virtually any game that is currently playing on television. There’s a reason why this is the Circa Sports flagship facility in Las Vegas: it’s spectacular.

Circa Sports has arguably of the most competitive lines in all of Las Vegas. In addition to offering competitive odds, the sportsbook frequently offers a cheap theoretical hold on futures bets as well. Yes/no choices are available for the majority of futures bets at this sportsbook, making it one of the few in the industry.

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Circa Sports has set betting restrictions and will accept big bets in person or over the phone. There aren’t many comparable odds, lines, and point spreads available anyplace else, which is similar to the video wall.

Circa has a total of 350 seats for its sportsbook. There are some public admission arena-style chairs available for purchase to the right and left of the VIP seating areas, but they are not complementary. The leather lounge chairs and booth seats are well worth the money spent on reserving them in advance. There are cocktail waitresses who will bring beverages and food from certain locations to the table for guests.

There are more than 70 video poker machines on two floors, all of which have a view into the sportsbook. There is no price for these seats, which should also include complementary beverages while the game is being played. Seats with a view of the sportsbook are also available on the third floor at the Overhang Bar and Victory Burger.

The Mirage Race & Sports Book

All of the MGM Resorts Las Vegas casinos provide the identical lines, odds, and point spreads to their customers. In some states, the odds may be different than those offered by BetMGM. Recreational gamblers visiting Las Vegas for a vacation and clients at MGM Las Vegas casinos are quite similar.

The video screens at The Mirage are large, clear, and adaptable to any situation. The HD image sizes, like with many of the newest sportsbook screens, can change depending on the amount of games that are being shown. The screens are high definition, although they are not as bright and clear as some of the newest sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

Tourists aren’t always the most astute sports gamblers, as the odds on most sporting events demonstrate. Look for games involving well-known teams from big markets who are headquartered in the United States to find games with lower odds than those offered by other bookmakers.

The Mirage distinguishes itself via its experience. The huge sportsbook is located on the Las Vegas Strip, and there is nearly always a flurry of activity inside. Because the sportsbook is next to the casino, spectators frequently congregate around the chairs when the sportsbook is at its most active.

On most days, there is plenty of free seating at the Mirage. If you want to ensure that you have a seat on a busy day, this sportsbook offers VIP stadium-style seating as well as sofas that can be reserved for a charge.

The SuperBook at Westgate

Having undergone a complete renovation a few years ago, the SuperBook currently provides comfortable seating for 400 people. The area is expansive and smoke-free, and there is also a neighboring poker room to enjoy. Westgate is one of the few destination sportsbooks in Las Vegas, and it is also one of the most popular.

These are some of the most recent sportsbook displays to be installed in Las Vegas. The display is more than just aesthetically pleasing. With a width of 240 feet and a height of 20 feet, it is one of the world’s largest interior LED video walls. This is a wonderful spot to watch your wagering because there is plenty of seating and a huge bar.

The Westgate’s oddsmakers are considered to be among the finest in Las Vegas. The sportsbook accepts big bets that many other establishments would not accept. Because of this combination, the is able to provide some of the sharpest and most fair lines, odds, and point spreads available anywhere in Las Vegas.

Despite the fact that the Westgate is adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, it is not on the Strip. The vast majority of people that come to the SuperBook have made a commitment to attend, which is fantastic news. In spite of this, because of its location, it does not receive a large number of spontaneous visitors, as do other sportsbooks in touristic regions.

Wynn Las Vegas Race & Sports Book

In the sportsbook, there are around 40 carrel seats accessible for general admission. They sell out rapidly, and many people wind up paying extra to sit on VIP sofas, which could have been reserved in advance instead. Because the displays are oriented toward a corner, you may need to walk around if you want to play games on all of them.

The sportsbook had a complete makeover in 2017 and has since emerged as a bright spot on the Las Vegas Strip. The massive television wall measures 137 feet wide by 11 feet high and can be viewed from virtually any angle for nearly 180 degrees. The panels feature a total of 21 million pixels and are as brilliant and clear as anything you’ll find in the city of Las Vegas. In addition, more than 40 carriers have tiny standard-definition televisions on their networks.

Wynn’s sportsbook is one of the few that is owned and managed by a third party on the Las Vegas Strip. The lines, odds, and point spreads that are available are only available at this casino and through the Wynn Sports app. When compared to other Las Vegas sportsbooks, the betting options are quite restricted here. Customers’ maximum betting limits may differ from one another.

Charlie’s Bar & Grill is looking at the possibility of adding a sportsbook and another way to watch the games. Although this bar offers video poker, Wynn does not provide complimentary beverages at the bar in exchange for playing.

The Cosmopolitan Race & Sports Book

In terms of younger tourists, the Cosmopolitan is one of the most well-liked casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. In addition to the sportsbook, there is a bar with video poker and a small gambling pit featuring blackjack and roulette adjacent to the sportsbook. Bar games like as pool and shuffleboard are also available for guests to use at no additional cost.

Despite the fact that the screens are relatively recent and suitable for this tiny sportsbook on most days, there may not be enough TV screens available on the busiest days when baseball, basketball, and hockey events are taking place at the same time on the schedule. If you place a wager at this William Hill sportsbook, the game(s) that you are interested in will very certainly be taking place.

The sportsbook is now operated by William Hill, and the lines, odds, and point spreads are the same as those found at other William Hill sportsbooks such as The Venetian, Sahara, and others. The broad wagering menu available on the mobile app is a major selling feature for individuals who are authorized to place wagers of any quantity.

Although the Cosmopolitan does not have a typical sportsbook, it is a fantastic blend of sports bar, casino, and book. Unfortunately, between the bar and the seating sections, there is only enough room for around 100 people at a time.


The city of Las Vegas is home to a plethora of sportsbooks, but only the ones on our list offer all of the services you want. Due to its reigning position as the world’s largest sportsbook and its world-class features, we have determined that the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook is our obvious overall winner. If you want to have a top-notch sports betting experience, we recommend that you choose one of the options from the list above.

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