With Bluetooth connectivity, RGB lighting, and wireless charging, are these the coolest dice ever?

Something to look forward to: If you know what a D12 is and understand the difference between a DM and a DMPC, this will probably be of interest. A Kickstarter campaign for some tech-packed dice has reached $1.7 million, demolishing its $200,000 target. Not only can the “Pixels” send results of a roll to a device via Bluetooth, they also feature RGB lighting.

As the Pixels can communicate their rolls to a phone or tablet, they can be used with online tabletop platforms such as Roll20 and Foundry, enabling a more authentic experience when playing virtual RPG campaigns.

The dice also look snazzy as hell, thanks to the customizable LED lights that shine through the entire face in some models (Midnight Galaxy and Aurora Sky) or only through the numbers in others (Onyx Black and Hematite Grey). Users can even set them to show specific lighting patterns in certain conditions, such as when a roll is less or equal to a number.

The electronics are powered by a tiny rechargeable battery that can keep the dice going for around five hours, though you get around 20,000 rolls out of one by keeping the lights turned off and using only Bluetooth.

Like wireless earbuds, the Pixels are recharged in their case, taking around an hour to juice a full battery. The seven-die sets come with a To-Go carrying case with its own battery. These have room for eight dice, which can be recharged 2 or 3 times before the case itself needs recharging.

Their internals, packed inside cast resin, make the waterproof Pixels slightly heavier than standard resin or plastic versions, but they’re still lighter than stone or metal versions. A lot of time was spent ensuring they’re as well-balanced as other dice, despite all the added tech.

The Pixels are the work of former Bethesda system programmer Jean Simonet, an electrical engineer by trade who worked on games such as Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

For a $39 pledge, you get an individual die of your choice and charger, while $199 secures a 7-dice set and To-Go case. The campaign still has 29 days to go, though you’ll have to wait a while before playing with the Pixels: the estimated shipping date is March 2022.

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