Antiques Roadshow left fans baffled by tiny brooch’s huge value

A tiny brooch that was steeped in history stunned fans of the Antiques Roadshow on Sunday night after it received a huge valuation of £12,000

Fans of Antiques Roadshow were stunned on Sunday night after a tiny brooch received a huge valuation.

The item was examined by expert John Benjamin, who obviously liked what he saw.

It was kept in a plum coloured box along with a ring with some pretty significant history attached.

And the box was steeped in history, running back with links to the Russian royal family. The eagerly awaiting guest also brought a black-and-white photograph of her grandfather and a lady to show the expert.

Both of the photo’s subjects had worked at Buckingham Palace for King George V.

The guest revealed: “The Tsar came to visit Buckingham Palace in 1908 and when he left, he presented her with the brooch inside that box.”

While expert John was unable to find a record of the Tsar’s visit, he believed that it could have been the Tsar’s mother and sister who arrived in England.

The guest was taken aback by the valuation



The elegant brooch had green gold leaves, which are gold mixed with silver for a subtle touch.

There was also a monogram on the back of the pin which gave it an extra special revelation.

John said: “This tells me that this was made by a craftsman called Tieleman and he was a craftsman who did work for – guess who? Peter Carl Fabergé.”

And this helped John come to the conclusion that the impressive, but small, item could fetch a whopping £8,000 to £12,000 if sold.

“It’s in the original presentation case, and it’s in absolutely pristine condition,” John revealed. “Subject to the affirmation of this connection directly to the Tsar or his mother, eight to £12,000.”

And it was seemingly music to the ears of the guest who appeared taken aback and said: “Goodness!”

The valuation led to a flurry of fans heading straight to social media to share their shock at the figures announced.

On fan of the show wrote on Twitter : “I knew there was a reason I switched from #NFLRedZone to #AntiquesRoadshow… 12 grand, well done lass!”

Antiques Roadshow viewers were staggered by the price tag on the tiny brooch



Another commented: “”Fabergé always means a top dollar valuation on the #AntiquesRoadshow.”

The guest explained: “When the war was declared, he had to go out to France as a dispatch rider. And then King George V came out to visit the troops, and he came on horseback, and when he came near the troops they all clapped and cheered.

“His horse reared, and he fell quite heavily, and fortunately my grandfather was there and he recognised him because he had been his footman, and he carried him to safety in a chateau! He was quite badly hurt, and [my grandfather] was awarded the Victoria medal.”

The guest’s grandfather was originally gifted the ring as a tie-pin from the King. It was later turned into a ring for the guest’s mother to wear.

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