Drivers complain E10 petrol is ‘less efficient’ and say they’re paying more

As of September 1, most garages in England, Scotland and Wales have to sell E10 as their basic ’95-octane’ grade unleaded – but not all drivers are happy about the change

Drivers have been warned about accidentally filling up with E10

Drivers are complaining about the rollout of the new E10 petrol, saying it is “less efficient” for their vehicles.

E10 is a greener type of fuel that has just replaced E5 as the standard for unleaded petrol.

As of September 1, most garages in England, Scotland and Wales have to sell E10 as their basic ’95-octane’ grade unleaded.

But as many as 700,000 older cars aren’t compatible with this more eco-friendly petrol.

These drivers will instead have to opt for more expensive super unleaded E5 petrol – which will cost them more compared to normal unleaded.

We’ve got a full list of compatible cars here.

Drivers say they’re getting less miles to the gallon with E10


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But drivers who have been using E10 have complained that they’re getting less miles to the gallon – meaning they’re having to fill up more frequently.

One person tweeted: “E10 petrol is less efficient so more petrol will be used, and I paid £1.43 a ltr for E5 so millions of older car owners paying much more = lots more tax paid.”

Another said: “For anyone using petrol, the cost of motoring has already gone up with the introduction of E10 fuel.

“You get less mpg because the new fuel is less efficient and those continuing to use E5 will be paying around 7p a litre more than they were pre E10.”

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A third tweeted: “Bikers be aware, I just stopped for petrol in Morrison’s Carmarthen and none of the pumps are selling E5 only E10.

“If you have an older bike or car avoid this station. I had to fill up as I was empty, my tick over has dropped and I’m getting about 2-3 mpg less.”

A fourth added: “This E10 petrol scheme is great for the environment, and obviously support it…. but as a driver, it’s frustrating that petrol is now fewer miles to the gallon, and yet the price is the same as before.”

And this driver simply said: “E10 petrol – less miles to the gallon – use more petrol.”

On the website it states that using E10 petrol can “slightly reduce fuel economy (the number of miles you are able to drive on a gallon of fuel)”.

It continues: “You may see a reduction of around 1%, but it is unlikely to be noticeable in everyday driving.” goes on to claim that other factors – such as your driving style or driving with under-inflated tyres or a roof rack – would have more of an impact on fuel economy.

But RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams previously told The Mirror that some drivers may see the number of miles they get from a tank go down as a result of E10.

He said: “Those with E10 compatible cars will unfortunately find they are getting fewer miles to the gallon as the fuel is less efficient than E5.”

E10 is thought to be less efficient as it contains 5% more ethanol than E5.

If you do accidentally fill up with E10 when you shouldn’t have, it shouldn’t cause immediate damage to your car straight away.

It is likely to only start causing issues if you repeatedly do this, according to experts.

All cars made after 2011 should be fine to fill up with E10, as well as the majority of vehicles made since the late 1990s.

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