Eurovision 2021 results in full from Italy’s win to UK’s humiliating last place

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 saw plenty of thrills, sequins, powerful vocals, and a guest appearance from American rap superstar Flo Rida.

But in the end, and as always, there could only be one winner of the contest – with Italian metal rock band Måneskin eventually crowned champions during the almost four hour live final on Saturday night.

The group are fronted by singer Damiano David and includes guitarist Victoria De Angelis, musician Thomas Raggi and drummer Ethan Torchio.

The group found fame in their native Italy on The X Factor – and had been among the favourites to win the contest this year.

Italian group Måneskin won the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision dramatic voting system saw the results of jury’s form across the continent submitting their votes first, which pitted France’s Barbara Pravi and Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears against each other as they flipped between first and second place among themselves.

But once votes from the public were included, the results changed to see Måneskin storm to victory – with Barbara moved to second place and Gjon moved to third.

Despite star power from Flo Rida, San Marino’s contestant Senhit ended up in 22nd place among the 26 finalist.

Eurovision 2021 results in full from Italy's win to UK's humiliating last place
France’s Barbara Pravi missed out on victory by 26 points

Eurovision 2021 results in full from Italy's win to UK's humiliating last place
Gjon’s Tears from Switzerland came in third place

However, the ultimate humiliation of the night went to the UK’s very own James Newman, who received nil points from the jury voters – and the same zero score from viewers.

Thus the UK ended up at the very bottom of the scoreboard with absolutely no points at all.

Germany were second last with three points after their entrant, Jendrik, failed to entice viewers with his song I Don’t Feel Hate – which show commentator Graham Norton compared to Marmite.

Eurovision 2021 results in full from Italy's win to UK's humiliating last place
Star power didn’t count for much as San Marino’s Senhit ended up fifth from last despite roping in American rapper Flo Rida for her song

Eurovision 2021 results in full from Italy's win to UK's humiliating last place
James Newman suffered the worst fate of the night – nil points

Other highlights on the night included the surprise inclusion of The Story of Fire Saga actor Hannes Óli Ágústsson.

He appeared in character as Olaf Yohansson to announce Iceland’s jury votes – and to demand someone sing the Jaja Ding Dong song from the Eurovision themed Netflix film he stars in.

Iceland had been a favourite to win, but ultimately ended in fourth place.

The full list of scores of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest are as follows;

1st: Italy – Måneskin singing Zitti e buoni (542 points total)

2nd: France – Barbara Pravi singing Voilà (499 points total)

3rd: Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears singing Tout l’Univers (432 points total)

4th: Iceland – Daði og Gagnamagnið singing 10 Years (378 points total)

5th: Ukraine – Go_A singing Shum (364 points total)

6th: Finland – Blind Channel singing Dark Side (301 points total)

7th: Malta – Destiny singing Je me casse (255 points total)

8th: Lithuania – The Roop singing Discoteque (220 points total)

9th: Russia – Manizha singing Russian Woman (204 points total)

10th: Greece – Stefania singing Last Dance (170 points total)

10th: Bulgaria – Victoria singing Growing Up Is Getting Old (170 points total)

12th: Portugal – The Black Mambau0009singing Love Is on My Side (153 points total)

13th: Moldovau0009– Natalia Gordienko singing Sugar (115 points total)

14th: Sweden – Tusse singing Voices (109 points total)

15th: Serbia – Hurricane singing Loco Loco (102 points total)

16th: Cyprus – Elena Tsagrinou singing El diablo (94 points total)

17th: Israel – Eden Alene singing Set Me Free (93 points total)

18th: Norway – Tix singing Fallen Angel (75 points total)

19th: Belgium – Hooverphonic singing The Wrong Place (74 points total)

20th: Azerbaijan – Efendi singing Mata Hari (65 points total)

21st: Albania – Anxhela Peristeri singing Karma (57 points total)

22nd: San Marino – Senhit feat. Flo Rida singing Adrenalina (50 points total)

23rd: Netherlands – Jeangu Macrooy singing Birth of a New Age (11 points total)

24th: Spain – Blas Cantó singing Voy a quedarme (6 points total)

25th: Germany – Jendriku0009singing I Don’t Feel Hate (3 points total)

26th: UK – James Newman singing Embers (0 points total)

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