Floyd Mayweather refuses to take photo with fan who has painted nails

Mayweather was seen being approached by a supporter asking to take a photo, before telling him that he wouldn’t pose for a picture with somebody who had their nails painted

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Floyd Mayweather told a fan he wouldn’t take a photo with him because he had his nails painted.

Legendary boxer Mayweather, who won a number of world titles and remained unbeaten in 49 fights during his decades-long career, was leaving the Staples Center after a basketball game when he was approached by a teenage fan.

He had been sitting court-side at a game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Memphis Grizzlies, and was on his way out of the arena with his entourage when the request was made.

And in a video released by the fan, Mayweather could be seen making a comment about the youngster’s nail painting while denying his request.

“You’ve got painted nails,” Mayweather said in the video which has been viewed tens of thousands of times across social media.

“I ain’t going to take no picture with no guy with painted nails!”

The fan wanted a snap with Mayweather after seeing him at a basketball game


But Mayweather wasn’t interested


Mayweather’s representatives have since told TMZ Sports that he was in a rush to leave the match, and that is the reason why he wouldn’t take the photo.

And they denied an allegation made in the video by the fan that Mayweather was “homophobic” for turning down the request.

The boxer last stepped into the ring for an exhibition bout with YouTube star Logan Paul this summer, after retiring from legitimate competition in 2017.

He beat legendary UFC fighter Conor McGregor in his last professional outing to go 49-0, and has since taken two exhibition bouts for big money against lesser opposition.

Paul, a cruiserweight almost half his age, was able to stifle Mayweather for eight rounds to take the bout the distance, which meant no winner was declared.

He admitted that Paul was “better than he thought” after the bout, and insisted that he won’t be returning to the ring for any professional or exhibition bouts.

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Prior to facing the YouTube star, he had stopped Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Tokyo on New Years Eve 2018, for which he was paid $9million.

He dropped the much smaller fighter multiple times in the first round before the towel was thrown in and Mayweather was declared the winner.

The boxer has competed in two of the biggest boxing matches in history against McGregor and Manny Pacquiao, and proved his drawing power with Paul earlier this year by selling over a million pay-per-views for what was barely a contest.

His bout with Pacquiao in 2015 was the highest-grossing fight in history, selling over 4.6m units, which he almost beat two years later with McGregor.

That crossover fight was bought by 4.3m people, although the advances in illegal streaming mean that the bout was likely watched more live than his meeting with Pacquiao.

Mayweather’s current net worth is estimated to be over $500m, having competed in some of the biggest fights in history, and investing in property and local businesses in Las Vegas.

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