Graham Norton calls out ‘unfair’ result as UK lands last place in Eurovision

Graham Norton has hit out at the results of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest after the UK was humiliated with a nil point result.

Singer James Newman – the brother of chart topping star John Newman – performed his energetic song, Embers, at the singing competition on Saturday night.

But his performance sadly failed to get viewers moving towards their phones to lend their votes and the star was instead left with the double insult of gaining no votes from viewers on top of winning no votes from the jury.

Giving his opinion while commentating on the 2021 contest, 58-year-old Graham suggested 35-year-old James deserved at least some votes for his song.

Graham Norton has blasted the UK’s Eurovision result as ‘unfair’

As results from juries around Europe came in, and James continued to receive no points, Graham said: “Let’s not dwell on James Newman’s fate.

“Oh poor James. That isn’t, I mean, I say this often, but it really isn’t fair.

“That is not the worst song int he competition by a long shot.”

Graham Norton calls out 'unfair' result as UK lands last place in Eurovision
James Newman performed his song Embers at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest – but won no points for his efforts

During the course of the show, Graham has said he liked Germany’s song, I Don’t Feel Hate by Jendrik, was among his least favourite entry – but even that song won three points from the jury.

There was hope that James would win some scores from viewing public, but Eurovision hosts Chantal Janzen and Jan Smit had the unfortunate task of announcing James had won zero points there.

As the singer ended the competition at the bottom of the leaderboard, Graham pined: “It’s a disappointing show obviously for the UK.

Graham Norton calls out 'unfair' result as UK lands last place in Eurovision
The singer was a gracious loser and waved to the audience who cheered him sympathetically following his defeat

“I mean, disappointing is putting it mildly. I’m trying to put a positive spin on it. But there is really no good on it. I feel so sorry for James.”

Italian metal-rock band Måneskin were the ultimate winners of the contest, scooping 524 votes from juries and public combined.

The 2022 contest will take place in Italy as a result.

The full list of scores of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest are as follows;

1st: Italy – Måneskin singing Zitti e buoni (542 points total)

2nd: France – Barbara Pravi singing Voilà (499 points total)

3rd: Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears singing Tout l’Univers (432 points total)

4th: Iceland – Daði og Gagnamagnið singing 10 Years (378 points total)

5th: Ukraine – Go_A singing Shum (364 points total)

6th: Finland – Blind Channel singing Dark Side (301 points total)

7th: Malta – Destiny singing Je me casse (255 points total)

8th: Lithuania – The Roop singing Discoteque (220 points total)

9th: Russia – Manizha singing Russian Woman (204 points total)

10th: Greece – Stefania singing Last Dance (170 points total)

10th: Bulgaria – Victoria singing Growing Up Is Getting Old (170 points total)

12th: Portugal – The Black Mambau0009singing Love Is on My Side (153 points total)

13th: Moldovau0009– Natalia Gordienko singing Sugar (115 points total)

14th: Sweden – Tusse singing Voices (109 points total)

15th: Serbia – Hurricane singing Loco Loco (102 points total)

16th: Cyprus – Elena Tsagrinou singing El diablo (94 points total)

17th: Israel – Eden Alene singing Set Me Free (93 points total)

18th: Norway – Tix singing Fallen Angel (75 points total)

19th: Belgium – Hooverphonic singing The Wrong Place (74 points total)

20th: Azerbaijan – Efendi singing Mata Hari (65 points total)

21st: Albania – Anxhela Peristeri singing Karma (57 points total)

22nd: San Marino – Senhit feat. Flo Rida singing Adrenalina (50 points total)

23rd: Netherlands – Jeangu Macrooy singing Birth of a New Age (11 points total)

24th: Spain – Blas Cantó singing Voy a quedarme (6 points total)

25th: Germany – Jendriku0009singing I Don’t Feel Hate (3 points total)

26th: UK – James Newman singing Embers (0 points total)

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