Jesy Nelson slammed for failing to defend Leigh-Anne over Nicki Minaj rant

Little Mix fans have hit out at Jesy Nelson for not defending Leigh-Anne Pinnock after Nicki Minaj ranted about her on their Instagram Live

Little Mix fans have slammed Jesy Nelson for failing to defend Leigh-Anne Pinnock when Nicki Minaj ranted about her

Little Mix fans have slammed Jesy Nelson for failing to defend Leigh-Anne Pinnock when Nicki Minaj ranted about her.

Nicki and Jesy did an Instagram Live together on Monday night to promote their new single Boyz, and Nicki went on a lengthy rant about Leigh-Anne over claims that she encouraged an influencer to mock Jesy.

In leaked DMs alleged sent by Leigh-Anne, she encouraged Instagram user No Hun to do a post about Jesy blackfishing, which is when a white person is accused of altering their appearance to look black or mixed-race.

Nicki brought up the messages in the Instagram Live, calling Leigh-Anne “jealous” and a “clown”.

Jesy has now been slammed as she didn’t defend Leigh-Anne during the Live, and some even accused her of laughing at her old Little Mix bandmate.

Jesy and Nicki on their Instagram Live

Fans said Jesy should have defended Leigh-Anne



One person tweeted: “Jesy Nelson, the same woman who made a documentary about how much she got torn down throughout the years while being in Little Mix, and how bad social media can be when it comes to cyberbullying, is live – sitting and laughing while Nicki Minaj was dragging Leigh Anne? Okay.”

“That was her friend of ten years. TEN YEARS and to laugh at her like that. F**k Jesy,” another posted.

A third wrote: “The fact that Jesy sat there laughing while Nicki completely trash talked Leigh-Anne as if she did something wrong??? INFURIATING.”

The messages show Leigh-Anne asking NoHun to make a video about Jesy Nelson blackfishing



Nicki slammed Leigh-Anne



A fourth said: “Thought Jesy was into anti-bullying but here she is giggling like a little girl whilst Nicki chats a load of s**t about Leigh-Anne. Vile.”

A fifth agreed: “For Jesy to sit there while this woman tears down Leigh-Anne while supposedly being an advocate for mental health and supporting other women? Disgusting.”

“Jesy not saying anything about what Nicki is saying to her about Leigh-Anne is f**king gross,” another wrote.

Jesy claimed Leigh-Anne had quizzed her about her race before



Another tweeted: “Any respect I had for Jesy is definitely fading. Standing by and letting Leigh Anne get bullied and trolled when you know exactly how that feels, make it make sense.”

The Mirror has contacted a rep for Jesy Nelson and is currently awaiting comment.

In her rant Nicki said: “Immediately that person has to wear a big red clown nose and big clown boots because you’re a big f**ing clown.”

She went on: “Sweetheart take them text messages and shove it up ur f**king a**, because when you do clown s**t I gotta treat you and talk to you like you’re a clown.”

Jesy has been accused of ‘blackfishing’

Jesy didn’t defend Leigh-Anne, and claimed she once asked her if she was mixed-race as she gets very tanned in the sun.

She also said she felt hurt that people were offended over her image in the Boyz video.

Jesy said: “It does really hurt me that I may have offended people and hurt people’s feelings by genuinely celebrating things that I love.”

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