Landlady bars her daughter from own pub because she’s unvaccinated

Publicans Shelly and Martin Jones says they are determined to protect those who kept the pub in Plymouth, Devon, going during the pandemic – even if it means family members must stay away

Boris Johnson says vaccine is effective against all covid variants

A landlady says she is turning all unvaccinated punters away – and refuses to even allow her own daughter into the family pub.

Minerva Inn owners Shelly and Martin Jones have made the controversial decision to only allow jabbed people into their boozer in Plymouth, Devon.

The mum says she feels so strongly that she happily barred her own daughter away.

The couple say they are trying to protect elderly and potentially vulnerable clientele and the rules stretch to family members.

Shelly said her daughter is yet to receive either vaccine which means she cannot enter the family pub any time soon.

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Minerva Inn is the oldest pub in Plymouth – but you can’t come in if you’re not jabbed


Plymouth Live / BPM Media)

Speaking to ITV, she said: “I’ve even had to turn away my own daughter, she hasn’t had any jabs yet. She turned up at the door and I was like ‘sorry you can’t come in’.

“I know it doesn’t stop it spreading, I know you can still catch it and pass it on but my old man sat in the back room is 90 and some 18-year-old comes in and cuddles him on the way through which they do after drinks have been taken on I know I’ve done everything to keep him safe.”

PlymouthLive report that Shelly’s husband Martin feels their decision is justified because those who have stayed with the business through thick and thin throughout the pandemic need to be protected.

But it hasn’t gone down well with everyone – especially those who have been refused service.

Publicans Shelly and Martin Jones won’t let their daughter in until she has had her vaccines


Plymouth Live / BPM Media)

He said: “We were out for a couple of drinks and we were walking pasty the Minerva Inn, and we saw an a-frame outside the pub which said something along the lines of unless you can prove you’ve been double-jabbed, you can’t come in.

“That was a bit rubbish, because the sole reason I’m not double-jabbed was down to my age. We left, we didn’t make a fuss, but the more I thought about it, the more it bugged me.

“I went on their Facebook page and left a review explaining that unless you’re double-jabbed you’re not welcome here. I was thinking about people who can’t have the vaccine, due to medical conditions, they’re not welcome there.

“The other side of it is all these university-age young people who are sacrificing not going out, having to deal with their uni work from home.

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“They sacrificed that so that the elderly could get vaccinated, and as soon as that’s happened, this person seems to be going around saying you’re not welcome here.”

He also said that his policy isn’t dissimilar to what Boris Johnson and his government have been discussing with regards to vaccine passports.

Speaking to PlymouthLive, Martin said: “The reason behind it is that a lot of our regulars are, I would say, 55 plus, on average.”

“When things opened back up, they said they didn’t want to come back if there was loads of youngsters there not double-jabbed, not protected.

“We know that being double-jabbed isn’t the be all and end all. It isn’t going to be 100% accurate, but it’s more of a certainty than not being jabbed at all.”

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