Mum ‘legally changed children’s names’ because she loved Frozen so much

A woman who worked at a Disney theme park has recounted the eyebrow-raising tale one mum shared with herm claiming that after Frozen came out she decided to change her children’s names

Frozen mega fan mum changed kid’s names says Disney worker

If you have kids, you either knew instantly what you wanted them to be called or spent months deliberating over names.

You might have picked what you thought was the perfect moniker, but down the line could be filled with regret if you hear a name you like even more.

Many parents might simply shrug this off or decide to save the new name for any future children, but one couple decided to take a very different approach.

A former Disney cast member named Ali has gone viral on TikTok after recounting a story she claims she was told by a mum and her two daughters while working at the US resort, about how the young girls’ names were changed because of a popular film.

Frozen was immensely popular after its release



Ali, who posts under the username @deardelirious7, explained how she was working at the theme park during the height of Frozen fever, back in 2014.

At the time she had reddish-brown hair and was often told she looked like the character of Anna.

One day she was working when two young girls, around the age of five or six, commented on her appearance, comparing her to Anna.

They then proceeded to tell her they were named Anna and Elsa, just like in the movie.

Ali recounted the tale on TikTok and her video went viral


“I was just like okay, cool kid, didn’t believe her,” Ali admits.

She goes on to say: “The mum was there and she turns to me and she goes ‘Oh we changed their names after the movie came out to Anna and Elsa’.

“All I could think was like, who does that? Not like, name their kids after a Disney princess, I can’t talk, I named my child after a Nintendo princess, but like who legally changes their kids’ names because they like a children’s movie so much?!”

Her video has since been watched over 80,000 times, garnering more than 21,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One person replied: “I think this means I may have to change my daughter’s name to Shrek.”

Another said: “My friend had her name changed as a toddler because her younger sister was born and they liked it better for her.”

A third wrote: “They CHANGED the names?? Why??? and for what??”

Someone else asked: “What judge approved that name change?”

“I bet they regret it when they’re older,” added a different user.

“Yikes,” proclaimed a sixth.

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