Royal expert predicts what Prince Philip would’ve told Queen during health worry

News of the unexpected hospital stay was announced by Buckingham Palace last night, less than 24 hours after it emerged that the Queen would no longer be able to visit Northern Ireland

An expert has said Prince Philip would have encouraged the Queen to attend fewer engagements

Prince Philip would have encouraged the Queen to attend fewer engagements, a royal expert has claimed, after it emerged the monarch has spent a night being tested in hospital.

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, has said Prince Philip, who died at the age of 99 back in April, would have taken the reigns and exercised a “bit of control”.

Ms Levin said the Duke of Edinburgh would likely have said “Look, stop it, don’t go to so many engagements and relax a bit.”

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Philip died back in April at the age of 99



Speaking of the news that the 95-year-old monarch underwent “preliminary investigations” after cancelling a planned trip to Northern Ireland this week , Ms Levin said the Queen was facing a “fight between her head and her body”.

She also suspected there was a religious aspect to this struggle, after the Queen vowed at her Coronation in 1953 that God would help her fulfil her role as the head of state until she died.

News of the unexpected hospital stay was announced by Buckingham Palace last night, less than 24 hours after it emerged that she would no longer be able to visit Northern Ireland.

A Palace spokesperson said: “Following medical advice to rest for a few days, The Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today, and remains in good spirits.”

It followed a statement from the palace about the cancelled trip, on which a spokesperson said: “The Queen has reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest for the next few days”.

“Her Majesty is in good spirits and is disappointed that she will no longer be able to visit Northern Ireland.

“The Queen sends her warmest good wishes to the people of Northern Ireland, and looks forward to visiting in the future.”

According to reports from The Sun, it is understood that the Wednesday afternoon trip to private King Edward VII’s Hospital in London on was expected to be for some “preliminary investigations”.

The overnight stay was reportedly for practical purposes.

Speaking to talkRadio today, Ms Levin suggested it would be best if the Queen was encouraged to take a step backwards, or sideways, in order to allow her body to recover from the many engagements she undertakes.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had been married for 73 years at the time of Philip’s death


Lichfield/Getty Images)

“I think it’s a fight between her head and her body, because she wants to do it, she feels she can, she’s very articulate, she’s absolutely spot on with everything she says, but her body is 95 years old,” Ms Levin said.

“I think she thinks she does it best [compared to other royals] and she’s the most experienced, but I think the main thing is the religious one, that when she was 21 and she said that she would do her best to be the Queen and with God’s help she would do it until she died.”

Ms Levin suggested breaking this promise would make the Queen feel “very bad” as she is devout.

“However, the Pope has stepped back, he retired for the first time [Benedict XVI in 2013] – and popes are not supposed to leave their job until they die too, and I think you have to take into consideration that people live much longer than they did in 1947 [when she married Prince Philip].”

On reports that the Queen had given up alcohol, Ms Levin thought there could be an emotional connection.

The Monarch used to share a Dubonnet with various mixtures with her husband, she said, which was a part of their relationship.

Ms Levin suggested the drink “no longer has the same taste” because Philip wasn’t around anymore to pour it.

The Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at St Paul’s Cathedral in 2006


Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

According to a statement from the Palace, the Queen is now in “good spirits” and now recovering at Windsor Castle – where she has spent most of the last 18 months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She is expected to spend the rest of the week recovering.

It is the first time she has stayed in hospital overnight for eight years.

Courtiers believe the cancellation of the Queen’s trip will serve as a reminder that the head of state – at the age of 95 – cannot do what was expected of her 10 or 20 years ago.

In recent weeks she has for the first time been seen walking with a stick at public engagements.

The Queen remains committed to attending the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow on November 1, courtiers said.

Her Majesty has had a jam packed schedule of engagements since returning from her summer break at Balmoral.

She took on at least 13 engagements since the start of the month, visiting Scotland and Wales for the official opening of the Parliaments.

It is understood that courtiers are keeping a close eye on the Queen’s diary moving forward so that she has the correct amount of time to recuperate from her schedule.

It emerged this week that the Queen turned down the ‘Oldie of the Year’ trophy because she feels she does not meet the criteria, believing “you are only as old as you feel”.

A royal source said: “Her Majesty doesn’t know any other pace than full on and used to being incredibly busy, especially of late, but perhaps it is in her best interests that she takes this time to rest and recuperate before she starts once again.”

Sources said the Queen will no doubt have to take on board the advice of her doctors as she battles against wanting to “do things full on” after being released from coronavirus restrictions.

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