Tom Parker spent three months in bed after diagnosis and thought ‘I’m gonna die’

The Wanted’s Tom Parker said he spent three months in bed coming to terms with his stage 4 glioblastoma diagnosis and thought to himself, ‘I’m just gonna lie here and die’

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Tom Parker spent 3 months in bed after cancer diagnosis

The Wanted’s Tom Parker had fans in tears tonight as his hard-hitting documentary about his heartbreaking cancer battle aired on Channel 4.

The singer, 32, opened up about his tough journey with stage 4 glioblastoma in the moving show, which his followers said was “hard to watch”.

Speaking about how he reacted to the difficult news about his life-threatening tumour after visiting the hospital and being diagnosed, Tom revealed he spent three months in his bed trying to process the illness.

Sitting on the edge of his bed at the home he shares with wife Kelsey and their children in Kent, Tom started sobbing as he said he thought to himself: “I’m just gonna lie here and die.”

Tom Parker got emotional as he said he spent three months in bed coming to terms with his cancer diagnosis

“I spent three months of last year just laying in that bed,” he said. “There was just so much to contend with. You’re not just dealing with cancer, you’re dealing with how other people can treat you.

“There’s so much running through my mind. I don’t want people to treat me differently because I’ve got something.”

He also admitted he “couldn’t stop thinking about death”, tearfully adding: “It’s so hard to think about the future, because I genuinely don’t know what it holds any more.”

He sobbed as he talked about death in his documentary

Elsewhere in the documentary, Tom revealed he wanted a prognosis, but says Kelsey and brother didn’t want him to find out.

He said he wanted to know “how long” he has to live, and “if” he was going to die.

“I don’t know if you’ll really know how you feel about death until you’re faced with it,” Tom added, explaining that the general prognosis for glioblastoma is “not amazing”.

The documentary also followed Tom as he prepared for his charity concert, where he performed with his fellow bandmates for the first time in five years.

Fans of the singer took to Twitter and sent their prayers to Tom as they got emotional while watching the show.

Tom was diagnosed with a brain tumour


Channel 4)

One person wrote: “Not everyday is going to be a good day but you got this @TomParker and we are all here supporting you and will help anyway we can.”

“Watching @TomParker documentary and knowing your life can flip upside down at any minute just grab life and live your best , Tom you have got so much strength, courage and fighting spirit, you’ve got this you are an amazing human,” a second shared.

A third commented: “I’m absolutely sobbing at this. Life is so, so unfair.”

A fourth added: “Truly humbled by this young man. While myself and others were moaning about restrictions due to covid, Tom and many others have been fighting a real battle for their lives.”

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